Amber Lantern Sober Living

An upscale and luxuriously appointed recovery residence

Having first opened its doors in April of 2015, the Amber Lantern Home is without question among BlueCove Home’s higher end sober living homes! Aside from our healthy and proactive level of structure, this residence offers a vast array of comforts and amenities that are simply unseen as compared to other sober livings in and around the Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada areas.

Located Just off the Bruce Woodbury Beltway/215 and Flamingo Road, northwest of Spring Valley, the Amber Lantern residence is situated in an upscale, middle-class suburban neighborhood. We choose these types of locations for our recovery residences because we firmly believe in the concept of “clean living.” This means not only doing inner work and growing spiritually, but also surrounding yourself with others who share similar values in how they live and conduct themselves from day to day. Likewise, each of our sober living homes are also overseen by experienced onsite managers who also have strong backgrounds in various levels of addiction and substance abuse treatment.

Our Amber Lantern sober living offers a number of benefits which include, close proximity to job search & public transportation, a safe and quiet neighborhood, near various 12-Step meeting locations such as NA and AA, ample dining, shopping and entertainment services nearby. In terms of structure, we employ all the same rules and standards which have been shown to create strong foundations for those seeking long-term sobriety.

As part of our joint efforts with several leading recovery & treatment service providers throughout Las Vegas, BlueCove dedicates this as being one of our prime locations for those needing additional clinical services as well. We offer excellent networked clinical services like, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), private and group therapy, addiction counseling, psych services and medication management, sober & life coaching, etc.

For more information on any of our other locations please visit our Las Vegas or San Francisco Bay Area pages. And for more information on BlueCove Homes in general or any of our expanded recovery services please contact us using the form along the right hand side or by calling direct at (844) 425-8326.

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BlueCove Homes remains committed toward the overall recovery process, and in doing so we are truly honored to network with some of the nation's leading residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We believe that each new day presents new opportunities to redefine quality sobriety, and our resolve in supporting the client's best interests will always remain foremost. We invite you to join us along the exciting path of redefining life in recovery!

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