Are male or female specific Sober Living Homes more effective in drug & alcohol recovery success than COED facilities? Check out this list of pros and cons.

In this day and age, there are a myriad of sober living homes throughout the country that offer a vast variety of services.  Some sober living facilities are gender specific and others are coed facilities.  Be mindful of the pros and cons of each.

Some of the benefits of gender-specific sober living include:

  • Men are more uncomfortable with expressing emotions and have difficulties identifying and understanding their feelings.  Women are often more in touch with their feelings, and due to these diversities, it’s important to have gender-specific treatment in sober living homes so individual and group sessions can focus on these differences for maximum effectiveness.
  • Research has supported that men will disclose feelings and thoughts more readily to other men.
  • Same sex individuals are likely to share more authentically as they are not preoccupied with what the other sex will think of them.
  • Gender specific sober livings helps prevent relationships between heterosexual couples in early recovery.  Women are more likely to focus on their physical appearance, potential sexual relationships and unhealthy validation seeking, making self-healing and personal growth far more difficult.• It is important that women and men form sober support systems comprised predominantly of same sex individuals.• There are fewer distractions in same sex homes.
  • Women may get the help they need to deal with the ups and downs of hormonal changes through the years as they relate to recovery, workplace issues that face women, and family relationships women much navigate.
  • Men may get the assistance they need to deal with workplace and career pressures, physical issues that are problematic for men, and family relationship assistance specific to their needs.

There absolutely are some benefits for residing in a coed sober living home, including:

  • Learning how to communicate in healthy ways with both genders
  • Getting different perspectives on situations that may be pertinent to your experience and your ability to stay clean and sober
  • Identifying a “big sister” or “big brother” in the group the offers mentoring support.
  • Learning how to remain focused on recovery despite the temptation to develop a romantic relationship with a peer.

The research is mixed as to whether gender-specific or coed sober livings produce the greatest outcomes.  The best bet is to be honest with yourself, look at your history and make the decision you believe is best for you.  Remember, you are not tied to staying in that facility forever and if you are uncomfortable, changes can always be made.

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