Addiction Awareness and Recovery Services Fundraising Events

See how BlueCove Homes Sober Livings & addiction Recovery Residences is helping to raise money and awareness for addiction & mental health recovery services

It’s such an honor and privilege for the staff at BlueCove Homes to participate in community events throughout Nevada. We love teaming up with other organizations in cities like Las Vegas to lend a helping hand as well as raising awareness and funds for those in need.

BlueCove Homes is dedicated to providing support for those who are lacking in basic necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. We are also proud to contribute our expertise in the fields of addiction treatment and mental health to our Nevada communities. It’s devastating to see how the drug epidemic is affecting the good citizens of Las Vegas. It is our hope and goal to shed some light on the devastating disease of addiction and mental health through education and fundraising.

Below you will find information and pictures of community events in various Nevada locations that were designed to lead the way for a healthier and happier quality of life for all.

Addiction Recovery and Sober Living car wash Fundraising Event
Clothes Drive & Car Wash
Hosted by BlueCove Homes, Grace City, and Monarch Car Care

It was so amazing to team up with Grace City and Monarch Car Wash for a successful fundraising event. Lots of folks came by to donate clothes and get a car wash. It was so uplifting to see the community come together and support those in need. We often take the basic necessities like clothing for granted, but unfortunately, there are many people in Las Vegas that are homeless, hungry and suffering from addiction and mental health issues. BlueCove Homes had loads of fun at the car wash and appreciate all the generous people that participated.

BlueCove Homes: scholarship residence in recovery
Gangster Headphones: raffled five headphones valued at over $500
Motor Car Care: washed 26 cars
Clothes: 4 commercial bins and 12 bags

Fundraising for recovery and homeless in Nevada
Fundraising for recovery and homeless in Nevada
Fundraising for recovery and homeless in Nevada
Fundraising for recovery and homeless in Nevada

About BlueCove Homes

BlueCove Homes remains committed toward the overall recovery process, and in doing so we are truly honored to network with some of the nation's leading residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We believe that each new day presents new opportunities to redefine quality sobriety, and our resolve in supporting the client's best interests will always remain foremost. We invite you to join us along the exciting path of redefining life in recovery!

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California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

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