Opioid addiction is devastating individuals, families and communities throughout Nevada, forcing lawmakers and treatment providers to increase their efforts…

Nevada is clearly experiencing problems related to the opioid addiction crisis, despite many efforts to prevent and intervene. The Center for Disease Control found that Nevada has one of the highest rates of prescription painkillers sold and drug overdose deaths per capita. In 2016, the Nevada Taskforce identified that based on 100,000 patients, Nevada ranks:

· 2nd highest for hydrocodone
· 2nd highest for oxycodone
· 4th highest for methadone
· 7ths highest for codeine

The number of Emergency Room visits related to heroin and opioid dependence increased from 4,539 in 2009 to 18,543 in 2013. If drug addiction overdoses increased exponentially during that time, one can only imagine what the statistics are today.

Impacting prescription drug abuse is a multifaceted process. A reduction in prescription opioids leads to an increase in other opioids, specifically heroin and fentanyl abuse. Nevada is now focusing its efforts on both ends of the spectrum, noting the importance of reduction in prescriptions as well as an increase in treatment and prevention.

The Nevada Taskforce, was established in 2014 to research prescription drug abuse. With the leadership of Governor Sandoval SB459 was passed which made substantial policy changes regarding prescription drug abuse prevention in Nevada. Their mission statement is “To reduce prescription drug abuse in Nevada by 18% by changing attitudes and behaviors of Nevadans through better coordinated efforts and statewide leadership.”

In April 2017, the United States Health and Human Services Department awarded a grant of 5.6 million dollars to combat opioid addiction. This funding will go towards education, policy changes, involvement with the criminal justice system and physicians, to name a few. The legal system is starting to provide more leniency for first time drug addiction offenders, offering them a chance at addiction recovery or access to medications such as Naloxone.

As a result, the need for addiction treatment continues to escalate. Family members and friends of opioid abusers need to be educated and informed and be willing to help facilitate the recovery process. There are numerous drug addiction treatment programs throughout the state of Nevada who are able to provide comprehensive services that can lead to long-term recovery. To learn more, please contact BlueCove Homes at 844-425-8326.

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