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Las Vegas | Henderson, NV Treatment Services Partners

When BlueCove Homes first expanded from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, we did so with an unwavering commitment toward the recovery process as a whole. It wasn’t enough for us to simply become yet another of many humdrum recovery houses. Our company’s aspirations have always been, and always will be, to redefine what it means to provide “effective sober living and aftercare services” for those who are truly ready to embark upon a wonderful new life in sobriety!

Fortunately, and much as it is in the San Francisco Bay Area, here in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV we’ve been affordable some wonderful opportunities when it comes to professional services networking. Among these partnerships are various recovery and treatment related organizations that have shown to dramatically enhance the client’s early recovery process. Those who choose to take advantage of such opportunities are most certainly several steps ahead of where they might otherwise be without it. BlueCove Homes is extremely honored to partner with the following organizations, and we encourage each client to utilize these resources as they embark upon this exciting new path toward long-term success in sobriety…

Hero School

Innovative Health Delivery Systems

Seven Hills Hospital


Harris Springs Ranch | WestCare Foundation

Choices | Providence Service Corp

The fact of the matter is, that when it comes to sober living or any type of aftercare or recovery housing, you can tell a lot about an organization by the types of companies and services they affiliate with. The question to always ask is this; “Does the partnership benefit the client or the sober living?” In the case of BlueCove Homes, the answer is “both,” and on a number of levels! We have no problem saying openly that when BCH clients do better in the long run than those of other local Las Vegas sober livings, we feel a deep sense of pride and honor in what we do. Truth be told, we would invite all local and national sober living organizations to engage in the same type of partnerships. We know full well that when it comes to combating the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism, having more tools in the arsenal is always beneficial, and usually on a number of levels.

For those of you considering the best course of action for yours or your loved ones recovery, we invite you to learn more about BlueCove Homes and the amazing partnerships we have built with the above mentioned organizations. For more information on BlueCove Homes or any of our expanded recovery services please contact us using the form along the right hand side or by calling direct at (844) 425-8326.


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BlueCove Homes remains committed toward the overall recovery process, and in doing so we are truly honored to network with some of the nation's leading residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We believe that each new day presents new opportunities to redefine quality sobriety, and our resolve in supporting the client's best interests will always remain foremost. We invite you to join us along the exciting path of redefining life in recovery!

National Alliance for Recovery Residences
California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors

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