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Bringing effective sober living & recovery to a whole new level!

BlueCove Clinical Support and Treatment for Drug and Alcohol AddictionsThrough our vast expertise in the fields of drug addiction, treatment and sober living services, BlueCove Homes is very familiar with the individual nuances in each and every client’s recovery process. As such, we have teamed up with a number of notable clinical service providers throughout both, our Las Vegas and San Francisco Bay Area locations. These partnerships enable BlueCove Homes to in turn be much more than sober living or transitional housing in and of itself.

Our Expanded Clinical Support Network

The latest additions to our networks include Monos Health Institute, Westcare Foundation and Amerigroup. While each offers it own unique array of services, the collective benefit afforded to BlueCove residents is now extraordinarily broad. This joint effort now means that BlueCove residents are afforded a myriad of recovery related services which often times are unseen among many standard sober living environments. Some expanded services to mention are:

  • A broader physician referral network depending on the resident’s needs
  • More comprehensive lab testing solutions
  • Outpatient treatment and mental health support services
  • Broader pain management options for those in need
  • Community support services
  • And More…

Our objective is simple, that is to provide the most comprehensive array of clinical and support services for those in need of greater help. Many individuals coming into sober living are simply not ready to fully reintegrate back into life. As a matter of fact, for these residents to force life reintegration prematurely could have potentially huge drawbacks, inevitably leading to future relapse. At BlueCove Homes we’re not interested in the short-term successes as much as we are in creating long-term recovery foundations. Having this broad network at our fingertips further enables us to help the resident propel themselves into a new way of living that has the potential to garner success beyond their expectations! This is what we’re all about at BlueCove Homes…

For more information on BlueCove Homes or any of our expanded recovery services please contact us using the form along the right hand side or by calling direct at (844) 425-8326.


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BlueCove Homes remains committed toward the overall recovery process, and in doing so we are truly honored to network with some of the nation's leading residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We believe that each new day presents new opportunities to redefine quality sobriety, and our resolve in supporting the client's best interests will always remain foremost. We invite you to join us along the exciting path of redefining life in recovery!

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