You are stuck in drug rehab and hope to make the best of it, so why do professionals advise against forming new love relationships in addiction recovery.

While in drug rehab, addicts in early recovery are encouraged to be selfish and focus only on themselves, their drug history, experiences that may have impacted their addiction, and how to build healthy coping skills for relapse prevention, emotional regulation and how to set healthy boundaries with family and friends. Typically, addicts don’t like to look at themselves and it is easy to get defocused. For example, it is much easier to take a peer’s inventory of what they are not doing correctly, than to take responsibility for their own actions. Addiction recovery strongly discourages this behavior.

In addiction recovery, the easiest way to defocus is to find a peer whom you find attractive, get to know him/her, start to flirt, pass notes and see what you can get away with. Oftentimes, “couples” try to find unnoticed places to hook up. While this is totally normal and occurs way too often, it is unhealthy and unconducive to addiction recovery.

Drug rehabs discourage this behavior for several reasons:

• It allows addicts to deflect from what they need to be focused on.
• Other peers in drug rehab are just as sick or sicker than you, thus proving it to be unhealthy.
• These relationships are often toxic.
• Upon completion of drug rehab, these “couples” may try and move into addiction recovery together. When/if one makes an unhealthy choice to relapse, the other one is more likely to follow.
• “Couples” in early recovery tend to focus on each other instead of building individual healthy sober support systems.

It is recommended that people in their first year of recovery avoid beginning romantic relationships. This is because their priority needs to be to remain sober. The first few months of recovery are often described as an emotional rollercoaster and the last thing addicts should do is to add the stress of a new relationship.

Another reason why people are advised to avoid romantic relationships in early recovery is because they need to get to know themselves better before being able to choose a healthy partner. Individuals who get sober and rush into relationships tend to make impulsive, terrible choices. All they are really doing is substituting one addiction with another. Until an individual has managed to build a strong recovery program and support system, they will be vulnerable in a new relationship.

Oftentimes, drug addicts are unable or unwilling to listen to the advice of those who have previously gotten involved in relationships that turned out to be toxic and need to learn for themselves. The best gift an addict in early recovery can give themselves is to listen to the suggestions given to them and avoid drug rehab relationships!

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