With so many Nevada sober living homes to choose from, which one is best for you? Consider these factors for your addiction recovery success after drug rehab…

Drug addiction has become an increasingly prevalent problem throughout the United States and there are now an abundance of outpatient drug rehab facilities and sober living homes to help support this population. Lack of a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment can be a serious obstacle to sustained abstinence. Destructive living environments can derail recovery for even the most highly motivated individuals.

There are many factors to consider for your addiction recovery success upon completion of a drug rehab program. Research has shown that people who remain in a sober living environment for a minimum of six months have the greatest chances of long term sobriety. Physicians who have conducted PET scans of the brain show significant changes in brain chemistry during the first year of sobriety, thus supporting the need to remain in a sober living home.

Given the number of sober living homes in Las Vegas, NV, you may find yourself asking, “Which one is the best fit for me?” You may find it helpful to ask a series of questions so you can make an informed decision. Some of the questions you may wish to ask include:

  • What differentiates Blue Cove Homes from other Nevada sober living facilities?
  • What structure and support is provided in any given day?
  • How many residents are there at one time? How many residents share a bedroom and bathroom?
  • What is the average age range?
  • What is the cost?
  • Do your residents participate in ongoing outpatient drug rehab programs?
  • How long do people typically reside at your sober living home?
  • What is your drug testing policy? What is your policy if relapse occurs?
  • Do you have an onsite manager who is knowledgeable about addiction recovery?
  • What are your expectations regarding 12-step involvement?

Choosing to reside in a sober living home in Las Vegas, NV will prove to be supportive not only of your drug addiction recovery, but will also hold you accountable. For more information, please contact BlueCove Homes at 844-425-8326.

About BlueCove Homes

BlueCove Homes remains committed toward the overall recovery process, and in doing so we are truly honored to network with some of the nation's leading residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers. We believe that each new day presents new opportunities to redefine quality sobriety, and our resolve in supporting the client's best interests will always remain foremost. We invite you to join us along the exciting path of redefining life in recovery!

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