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Questions To Ask A Sober Living Home Before Moving in

With so many Nevada sober living homes to choose from, which one is best for you? Consider these factors for your addiction recovery success after drug rehab… Drug addiction has become an increasingly prevalent problem throughout the United States and there are now an...

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Addiction Aftercare: Sober Livings & Outpatient Treatment

After inpatient drug rehab, experts recommend a sober living home plus outpatient addiction treatment—intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization program. Addiction treatment professionals talk about several post-inpatient addiction treatment options. But if...

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Combining Sober Living and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

After drug rehab, staying at a sober living home while attending an outpatient addiction treatment (IOP) program can help with long term recovery success. You are just about to complete inpatient addiction treatment and are ready to embark on your new, healthy life....

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Congratulations! You have successfully completed your program at a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation center. Hopefully you have been given the tools to assist you in your path to long term sobriety. Unfortunately that is not always the case. The toughest part of the...

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Healthy Habits For Long Lasting Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment so creating healthy habits will help to maintain long lasting sobriety and hopefully prevent relapse. One day at a time. That's probably the best advice and most practical habit to abide by for anyone, but especially those...

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The Significance of Structured Sober Living Homes in Nevada

Sober living homes can be a wonderful transition for those in recovery. It's difficult to go back to your home or neighborhood with all the reminders of your past, mistakes made and friends you used to hang out with. Although you may find many recovery residences in...

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Overcoming Addiction Through Successful Living in Sobriety

Staying sober from drugs and alcohol means living life by standards of integrity and success, while never forgetting the power of addiction and alcoholism.   I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to stay sober. You are living it, not only day in and day out,...

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