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What Are the Pros and Cons of COED Sober Living Homes?

Are male or female specific Sober Living Homes more effective in drug & alcohol recovery success than COED facilities? Check out this list of pros and cons. In this day and age, there are a myriad of sober living homes throughout the country that offer...

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How Can Sober Living and Drug Rehab be Best Combined?

Discover how outpatient facilities with clinical & aftercare services provide an ideal combination of structured programs for housing and addiction care. Most people seeking treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction begin their journey by completing...

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Traditional Sober Living or Structured Sober Living?

Treatment centers often recommend clients step down to a sober living home. But is that sufficient enough for most? Most states do not mandate that a sober living home be accredited by a sober living coalition. Owners often turn regular homes into sober...

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The Affects of Drug Addiction on Family and Friends

Loved ones get so caught up in helping the drug addict, they may not realize the toll it is taking on their own health, lifestyle, schedule, etc… Drug addicts are selfish and self-centered, often believing that they are hurting no one other than...

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How Long Should I Stay At A Sober Living Home?

After drug rehab, a sober living home is a great transition for building your new life in recovery but how long should I stay to maximize my sobriety success? In a recovering addict’s journey to sobriety, a lot of important factors contribute to success....

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How Is The Opioid Addiction Crisis Affecting Nevada

Opioid addiction is devastating individuals, families and communities throughout Nevada, forcing lawmakers and treatment providers to increase their efforts… Nevada is clearly experiencing problems related to the opioid addiction crisis, despite many efforts to...

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Questions To Ask A Sober Living Home Before Moving in

With so many Nevada sober living homes to choose from, which one is best for you? Consider these factors for your addiction recovery success after drug rehab… Drug addiction has become an increasingly prevalent problem throughout the United States and there are now an...

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