As the nation sees immense growth in heroin and opiate pain pill addiction and overdoses, the sober living recovery approach sheds a new promise for hope.


The Heroin and Opiate Pain Pill EpidemicIt has taken the nation by storm, an opiate pain pill and heroin epidemic that no one saw coming. What was basically a huge roll-out in cheap pain pills and immense availability a few years ago, has evolved into an national epidemic that has, in so many cases, turned good people into full-blown heroin junkies!

It started as the “Oxycontin boom” about 8 or 10 years ago. For literally no more than a few measly dollars, one could score a full day’s worth of opiate pain pills, typically Oxycontin but often Vicodin or Percocet as well. Their prevalence, low cost and marvelous euphoria made for a wonderful new endeavor down a path that would soon turn dark and desperate. As federal and state government agencies began to take notice and subsequently tightened the reigns, left was a sea of opiate addicts with nowhere to turn but to their local heroin dealers. What was once a simple narcotic pain pill habit was now something that all too often lands people in prison, drug rehab, or worse, the morgue.

With more and more people seeking help for opiate & heroin addiction and its many forms, there has been tremendous rise over recent years in the popularity of sober living homes and the “real-life” recovery component they offer, that is, above and beyond the traditional drug rehab approach. With regard to the opiate epidemic specifically, and considering the exorbitant costs commonly associated with traditional inpatient drug treatment, many people will undergo a brief medical detox and then immediately transition into a structured sober living/recovery residence as a means for ongoing care.

This particular approach to recovery has become popular among this demographic for a number of reasons, the biggest of which happens to be that, timing wise, the epidemic is occurring at a period when sober living homes are gaining much traction on a national level. Moreover, they have become an extremely viable and well-endorsed recovery tool among treatment professionals and facilities.

For those of you with personal experience in the realm of opiate addiction, you know firsthand the incredible grab it can have on the human psyche. It often starts with an injury and a simple pain management regimen consisting hydrocodone or oxycodone. For the younger generation, there exists that all too common case where the teenager ends up experimenting with mom or dad’s leftover bottle of pills in the medicine cabinet, only to find himself addicted before long. The list of realistic possibilities is endless…

Whatever the story is however, the important thing is that you are aware of the solutions available out there. Sober living homes and recovery houses are more prevalent now than ever before, and they offer a very affordable and often times effective alternative to traditional drug rehab. BlueCove Homes is proud to be among the list of reputable resources throughout Las Vegas, NV and San Francisco, CA. We know first hand what it means to undergo a recovery process that entails a realistic sense of hope in sobriety. It’s what we do, and we are extremely passionate about it! Welcome to BlueCove Homes…


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