Success in recovery through sober living and transitional housingThere’s no question that the concepts of sober living and transitional recovery housing often play huge roles in bolstering a newcomer’s likelihood for long-term success in sobriety. Ask any licensed, experienced addiction treatment professional and they’ll agree, without question! The more time one devotes toward strengthening this new foundation, the better the likelihood for not only length of sobriety, but quality as well.

Most relapses occur during the first year of sobriety. Whether a person completes residential addiction treatment or gets sober by way of entering a sober living home, the hurdles facing them during the first year often entail damage control and/or damage cleanup. This can take the form of relationship issues, problems stemming from work or school, or anything of the sort. Couple with that the standard newcomer cravings, emotional highs and lows and any number of other seemingly insignificant curve balls in life, and you’ve got a recipe for potential relapse.

Being in a structured sober living environment offers tremendous benefits on numerous levels. It essentially offers controlled freedom that balances the benefits of taking your new sobriety for a test drive, while providing an ongoing support structure to help process each day’s events. This is basically a training ground for life in recovery.

Most individuals choose to remain in a sober living residence for anywhere from 3 to 12 months. We recommend staying for at least 6 months because history has shown that those doing so are substantially more likely to remain clean over the long haul. We also recommend trying to remain relatively linear in your lifestyle and avoiding major life changes during this time. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t spread your wings and deepen your existence, however making making major changes during the first year of recovery is often a setup for troubles.

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